Easter Egg Hunt Clues

Whether you host an Easter Egg hunt at your home, a park or at church, it’s sure to become a beloved tradition. Kids and adults love to search for those brightly colored eggs, and maybe eat some chocolate goodies along the way. You can make the event even more fun by adding a scavenger hunt twist with Easter Egg Hunt Clues inside each egg.

Older kids and adults can follow written clues, but younger kids might need some help. Take photos or draw pictures of the places you’ve hidden the eggs and let the toddlers wander and solve the Easter Egg Hunt Clues themselves. They’ll get such a sense of accomplishment when they figure out each answer.

If you decide to have it at a church, you could include a few families and have a pot luck lunch after. If the weather is nice enough to go to a park, bring some big blankets and sandwiches, fruit and drinks in a picnic basket for refreshments.

Easter Egg Hunt Clues

Here are some Easter Egg Hunt Clues to get you started:

When a bunny is hungry at the end of his romp, he might want some of these to chomp. (Carrots)

After searching for eggs all over the lands, be sure to go here and clean your hands! (Sink)

Your eggs might roll here, out of your sight. Then you yell you can’t find them with all your might. (Under the bed)

Mom uses these to cook things most yummy. Carrots, eggs and things that are yummy. (Pots and pans)

Hop as high as a bunny, bounce without care. You’ll feel so free as you fly through the air. (Trampoline)

At the end of the day, the lamb rests her head on a thing soft and fluffy found on a bed. (Pillow)

When baby chicks get dirty, they chirp and cheep. Put them in here, but make sure it’s not deep. (Bath)

When it’s snowy it has balls, bows and holly. At Easter time, the eggs and bunnies are jolly. (Wreath/door decoration)

The Easter Bunny sits here to make all the eggs. It has drawers, a few shelves and four legs. (Desk)

Colors of pastel, purple, pink, yellow and white. No matter your mood, they’re sure to delight. (Flowers)

Bunnies have fur and ducks have feathers. You wear these to stay warm in bad weather. (Coats)

Lots of this will keep things cool but ducks don’t want it in their pool. (Ice–freezer or cooler)

Eggs don’t have these, that close with a latch. If they did, chicks would find it easier to hatch. (Window)

Do you think the Easter Bunny has one of these? It would help him carry all those goodies with ease. (Backpack)

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Author: Craig McKeachie is a husband, father, software developer, and the founder of christmasscavengerhunt.org.

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