Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt Clues

Hosting an Easter egg hunt can be a big deal… but one that is definitely worth all the work and time! If the weather is nice on the day of your big Easter egg hunt, consider hosting your party outdoors… maybe in your backyard or even the park! Consider writing specific outdoor Easter egg hunt clues for your guests to solve.  Each of the outdoor Easter egg hunt clues could be about an animal, plant, the ecosystem, seasons or nature in general. You could choose to have one clue about birds bathing and have the next clue be hidden by the bird bath and so on. The important thing is to make the outdoor Easter egg hunt clues appropriate to your location and your guests… you wouldn’t want to be talking about the Grand Canyon if you live in Ohio, for example.

Scavenger Hunt Directions

Step 1: Find a pair of scissors and cut along the dotted lines. (Leave the locations at the bottom of each clue. It will make your life easier!)

Step 2: Hide the clues in the location indicated of the bottom of each. Don’t worry… having the location on the clue doesn’t give anything away because the participant in the game will have already found the clue by the time they read it.

Step 3: Consider hiding a prize or treat, such as cookies, candy or a small gift, with the last clue.

Step 4: Hand the first clue to one of the participants and let the fun begin!

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