Easter Egg Hunt Riddles

Little kids and adults alike will have fun reading these Easter Egg Hunt Riddles out loud and see if they can solve them. It’s a fun way for little ones to learn rhyming sounds and new words.

Easter Egg Hunt Riddles

A bunny goes here if his cottontail turns green. He just takes a quick turn in the… (Washing machine)

An egg may land here when it falls out of a pouch. A roll, a quick turn and it’s under the… (Couch)

If ducks had these they wouldn’t need wings. Go and look closely under the… (Swings)

If your fingers got covered with egg-coloring ink, you’d go and wash it off in the… (Sink)

Thirty white horses on a red hill must be in a rush. Your egg is right next to their friend… (Tooth brush)

With brains and brawn the prizes you’ll claim, the next egg is hidden right next to the… (Games)

To catch the Easter Bunny, you must be clever as a fox. See if you can catch him as he goes past the… (Mailbox)

Lambs don’t need these and neither do ewes, your next clue is hidden in your mother’s… (Shoes)

Do you hear that sound? Like a cute “quack quack”? Quick, check for ducklings in your… (Backpack)

Special feathers make up the coat of most fowls. Alas, to dry off, you’ll still need some… (Towels)

After a long night of egg-hiding and making kids feel groovy, the Easter Bunny just wants to sit back and watch a… (Movie)

The Easter Bunny’s as smart as a scientist making rockets. Why not go look around in your… (Coat pockets)

Rain falls down and waters spring flowers so they’ll pop out. When it lands on the roof, it travels down the… (Water spout)

These make all those Easter eggs taste quite nice, look for next clue hidden near the…(Spice)

Little ducklings wanting to use these must follow the rules. Be careful when looking among the… (Tools)

Little chicks can easily dust floors in a room, but you’ll probably be wanting to use a big… (Broom)

Crayons, felt pens and stickers galore, find egg decorations in the… (Desk drawer)

Going up and down can make gray hairs, the Easter Bunny gets so tired on… (Stairs)

On these you make Easter goodies to eat with your hands. You next clue is hiding in with the… (Pans)

Good for rabbits, kids and parrots, of course you have to look near the… (Carrots)

If you want to think up more Easter Egg Hunt Riddles, look at a rhyming dictionary for help and inspiration. Puns and word play are fun and can introduce younger kids to homophones (two words that sound the same) and creative thinking.

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Author: Craig McKeachie is a husband, father, software developer, and the founder of christmasscavengerhunt.org.

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